Preeti Jhangiani Reveals Insights into Her Role in "Kafas"

Preeti Jhangiani Reveals Insights into Her Role in "Kafas"
Preeti Jhangiani Reveals Insights into Her Role in

Preeti Jhangiani has made a spectacular comeback with her latest web series, "Kafas," which is quickly gaining momentum and has soared to the top as the most-watched show on SonyLiv. Jhangiani takes on a captivating character in the series, centered around a middle-class family in Mumbai and their school-going child's pursuit of stardom.

During a recent interview, Jhangiani unveiled fascinating insights about her portrayal of Tanya Bajaj. She described Tanya as a character that resonates with reality—a star wife who maintains a facade for the public, concealing the personal turmoil she faces. As a mother, Tanya possesses an unwavering determination to protect her son at all costs. Jhangiani expressed her pleasant surprise at being offered the role, as it broke away from the conventional characters she is usually cast as. The presence of a nuanced and morally ambiguous side to Tanya's personality provided an exciting and challenging opportunity for Jhangiani to showcase her acting skills. She applauded the casting director, Mukesh Chhabra, and director, Sahil Sangha, for their daring decision to cast her against type, a choice that proved to be immensely rewarding.

Jhangiani also shared the challenges she encountered during the filming process. She had to shift gears from a cinematic mindset and truly immerse herself in Tanya's shoes, exercising restraint and capturing the character's essence. Jhangiani acknowledged the invaluable guidance and support provided by director Sahil Sangha in finding the right emotional tone for each scene.

As "Kafas" continues to captivate audiences, Preeti Jhangiani's portrayal of Tanya Bajaj has been a standout performance, demonstrating her versatility and depth as an actor. Viewers eagerly anticipate the unfolding of Tanya's intricate journey within the middle-class family in Mumbai as the series gains further acclaim and popularity.